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DebtClear Membership Package

Tools and Guidance to Negotiate Your Own Credit Card Debts for Pennies.

Try It Now For $1

It’s time to clear up to 90% of your credit card debts, and…

  • Establish a respectable credit score within 18 months of starting the program
  • Pay $0 in credit card bills starting next month
  • Potentially save $1,000s in debt relief service fees
  • Learn a debt relief system you can use over and over again for your friends and family
  • Clear your other unsecured debts too

DebtClear is a membership that offers digital content, training and tools to help you negotiate your credit card debts down to a target of 20 cents on the dollar without the added expense of $1,000s in service fees. 

Members get access to all of the following:

The DebtClear Roadmap Video Series, the step-by-step guide that’s helped folks wipe away $100,000’s in credit card debts.

The DebtClear Debt Negotiation Letter Templates, the fill-in-the-blank letter templates you mail out during the negotiation process.

The 200-page, detailed layout of DebtClear. Perfect for readers or anyone looking for extra clarity on each step of the DebtClear process.​

Our step-by-step strategy to use the law aggressively to clear 100% of an unsecured debt account.

Our step-by-step credit protecting and boosting guide made specifically for those using DebtClear. Usually $39: Yours free when you purchase before November 1st!

Pay just $1 today with your 4-day trial. The one time fee of $79 will be charged at the end of your 4-day trial, on September 30th. Cancel anytime during the trial and there will be NO FURTHER CHARGES. No hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

All unsecured, non-federally backed debts. Credit card, store and gas card, personal loans, lines of credit, business loans, and non-government backed student loans.

Yes. Everyone’s situation is different, but DebtClear is almost always the best relief option when considering your credit health in the future.

Even though every debt relief option will hurt your credit score…

  1. It’s possible to only see a slight drop and not a serious one.
  2. You can maintain control over how your credit score is impacted if you are the one making decisions for yourself.
  3. With DebtClear, you can rebuild your credit while you get debt relief, meaning your credit score could rebound in months, not years - sometimes back up higher than it was before you started the DebtClear program.

The facts of debt relief have always been in your favor, it’s just that no one ever showed you how to tap into the potential savings before. Debt services and attorneys want you believing you are powerless to do this on your own, so they can justify charging $1,000s in fees.

The reality is:

  1. Debts have always been bought and sold on the debt buyers market for 10 cents on the dollar or less. One 2013 Federal Trade Commission study proves it, saying “Buyers paid an average of 4.0 cent per dollar of debt face value.”
  2. The borrower protection laws have always been in your favor. People have been using them to clear $100,000’s in debts for the last 50 years. And now, because of DebtClear’s step-by-step instructions, you can go on the offensive with your rights. Creditors will think you have a big shot lawyer on your side, but all you did was fill in the blanks of our prewritten letter templates.

Debt relief of any kind can take between 24-48 months. While this is generally true for our system, DebtClear offers many advantages to get money in your pocket and increases your credit score faster than the other alternatives. 


For example, depending on your situation, some of your accounts could be closed out in less than 180 days. 

Secondly, DebtClear works in a way that redefines what it means to ‘clear’ your debts. Say for a debt account, you keep your money in your pocket beginning the first month you start DebtClear. You use the DebtClear system to gain leverage over a creditor and have the means to legally get that debt account retired, meaning that collector no longer has a claim to your money. If you have possession of your money and no one has the right to take it from you, is that debt not cleared?

All debt relief can put people at risk for a lawsuit. With the DebtClear system, it’s extremely rare and you can still come out with a huge win even if it does happen. Remember, going to court is expensive for creditors, so they don’t want to go to court any more than you do. To give you some numbers, we expect less than 6% of debt accounts to be summoned to court. From there, the majority can use the DebtClear system to be able to settle with favorable deals that lead to $1,000s in debt savings.