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Dispute Strategies

Disputing Primary Creditor Records

To initiate a dispute, send a letter of dispute to the credit-reporting agency (see the Resource Library for a template).

Written requests for an investigation should:

  • Explain why you are disputing the item(s)
  • Request an investigation to resolve the issue, including the contact information of any furnisher of information
  • Include a copy of the credit file with the disputed entries circled
  • Include a copy of your driver's license and current utility bill to verify your identity
  • Include any additional supporting documentation coded to match the entries circled on the credit report

If you have accounts that do not reflect the same information on each of your three credit reports you can request that the two reports be made to match. For example, if your TransUnion file states that your Citibank account is 60 days late, but your Experian file reports the same account is 90 days late, you can send a copy of the TransUnion credit report to Experian along with a request stating you want the account to be reported as 60 days late.

If the credit bureaus fail to provide full report details on any account, each omission is considered a reporting error and the negative entry must be updated or removed. If, say, your Experian credit report lists a negative account while your TransUnion report shows no entry for that account, you can dispute the negative account by sending Experian a copy of your TransUnion report and request the negative account be removed because it is inaccurate.

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