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To Add or Not To Add a 100 Word Statement

You are allowed to add a 100-word statement to your credit file to explain any negative information, or to dispute data you believe to be inaccurate and that the credit bureau will not remove from your record. A 100-word statement will not change your credit score, but it may help lenders or employers who check your credit report make a more informed decision.

Does a 100-word statement help? The answer depends on who reviews your statement and what you write. Some creditors will never read a statement, while other lenders may read it and ask you to verify the information you wrote as part of the process of considering your application.

Think of it this way: the only way a 100-word statement can hurt is if it remains on your file and becomes outdated. If you place a statement in your credit report and several months later the account is no longer delinquent and instead reflects a recent positive payment history, your old statement will only serve to highlight a past negative situation.

TransUnion offers assistance with writing your 100-word statement. Call 800-916-8800 for help.

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