Credit Repair Credit Repair

Why You Can, and Should, Do-It-Yourself

  1. The overwhelming majority of credit repair companies simply dispute negative entries on your credit report in the hopes that the credit reporting agencies won't be able to verify the information with creditors and will be forced to remove those entries from your credit report. Although 70 — 90% of all credit reports include some errors, the vast majority of negative entries on the average credit report are in fact valid. Since most credit repair companies simply dispute negative entries on your report, those entries will most likely be verified by the credit reporting agencies and will not be deleted.
  2. Using a credit repair company that simply disputes tradelines is like playing the slots: your hope is that all three credit bureaus will be unable to verify the entries in a timely or appropriate manner. More than likely, if a valid negative entry is removed at all, it will only be removed from a single credit bureau's report and can easily be reinserted.
  3. Most credit repair companies don't teach you how to BUILD your credit.
  4. By law, no one but you is allowed to dispute any information on your credit report. Many credit repair companies have to "pretend" to be you when they send dispute requests to the credit bureaus. If the credit bureau determines that someone other than you is disputing information on your credit report, they are entitled to deny the request.
  5. Best of all, you can do all of this yourself for the price of postage and proof of delivery!

All you need now are a few simple rules from the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an understanding of how your credit score is calculated, and the insider credit repair techniques outlined in this section.

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