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What Is a Credit Report?

What Is Included in Your Credit Report?

You will find the following information in each of your credit reports:

  1. Personal Identification Information
    • Name
    • Social security number
    • Birth date
    • Past and present addresses
    • Recent employment history
  2. Public Record Information
    • Tax liens
    • Bankruptcies
    • Foreclosures
    • Judgments
    • Child support orders
  3. Individual Credit Account Information
    • Whether they are open or closed
    • The name of the lender you owe
    • What type of account it is
    • Whether it is a joint account (shared with another person, such as a spouse) or individually held
    • The outstanding balance
    • The amount of your monthly payment
    • Whether you've paid late or on time
    • Your credit limit
  4. List of Inquiries

    The names of companies or individuals who requested your credit report for the purpose of granting you credit.

  5. 100 Word Statement (optional)

    An optional message you can write and submit, used to explain any extenuating circumstances related to negative information in your credit report.

  6. Credit Score (optional)

    An add-on you may request.

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