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What Is a Credit Report?

Who Is Allowed to Get a Copy of Your Credit Report?

If a business or individual has a valid reason to review your report and has your permission to do so, they can get a copy of your report. Keep in mind you might not know you're giving permission; your "permission" is often included in the fine print of the credit card, loan, or employment application you sign.

Here's a quick summary of who can review your report:

  • Creditors: Anyone you ask to grant you credit, including for a credit card, a car loan, a student loan, or a mortgage
  • Landlords: If you submit an application to rent an apartment
  • Employers: If you submit a job application
  • Insurance Companies: If you apply for insurance, including auto, homeowner's, renter's, and medical insurance
  • Professional Licensers: If you apply for certain professional licenses, including investment banking, stock trading, and gambling licenses
  • The Courts: Your credit record can be viewed by court order or subpoena
  • Collection Agencies: If you have defaulted on an account and it is sold to a third-party debt collector
  • Internal Revenue Service: If you owe the IRS money
  • You: Last, but definitely not least, you are allowed to review your own credit report (see the section below on Obtaining Your Credit Report)
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