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The Business of Debt Collection

Debt collection is a business just like any other. Debt collectors try to make the most profit they can given their limited time and resources.

I like to use the analogy of an apple tree. Pretend you are the apple and the debt collection companies are the harvesters. Have you ever seen apples harvested from a commercial orchard? First they bring in huge tree shakers and shake the tree, hard and fast. Shaking brings down most of the fruit. To get some of what remains, the orchard might bring in people to pick the low-hanging fruit.

But the high-hanging fruit that hung on tightly enough to withstand the initial shaking, and is out of reach of the pickers, often gets left on the tree.


The tough, high-hanging fruit is too difficult and expensive to collect.

The costs associated with paying someone to climb up into the upper branches—the time, liability, manpower—are more than the apple can be sold for. So the orchard "writes off" that fruit and focuses on the easy fruit to pick.

Just like apple farms are in the business of making money, debt collection companies are too. If you are high-hanging fruit—if you are too difficult or expensive to collect on—they will just leave you there and move on to the next tree. After all, there's plenty of low-hanging fruit on the next tree, so why waste time on you?

The goal of this program is to teach you how to become the tough, high-hanging fruit. To understand how to get there, you will first need to understand who is trying to pluck you from the tree.

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