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Your Rights Under Federal Law

The debt collection industry is effectively unregulated and definitely out of control. Because most individuals don't know their rights, many debt collectors use illegal tactics to deceive, scare, intimidate, and bully consumers into paying.

Of those few individuals who do understand their rights under debt collection laws, even fewer still understand how to correctly document violations and use either the threat of a lawsuit—or an actual suit—to force debt collectors to back off.

Here's the plain truth: violating your rights is simply good business for a debt collector. Even though they might get caught every once in a while, the benefits associated with trampling on your rights far outweigh the penalties they might face. Debt collectors will happily take a few slaps on the wrist if, in the process, they can (and do) make millions.

Well, I am here to put my thumb on the scale by teaching you your rights and how to enforce them—both to hold an unscrupulous industry accountable and to give you additional tools to help get rid of your debt.

> The Fair Credit Billing Act