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In Closing

This program contains knowledge and insights gained after almost a decade in the debt relief and credit repair industry. My hope is that the information has provided you with the tools and information necessary to make the best decisions for you, your family and your financial future.

But the information contained here isn't static. Laws change, new strategies emerge, and old strategies fall away. My hope is that you will take an active part in the community at here at Join the forum, ask questions, share what works and what doesn't, and suggest ways for us to improve the website. You are part of a community now and we are all here to help and learn from each other.

DebtClear has also partnered with some of the best service providers in the industry. If we recommend a product or service, you can be confident they have been thoroughly vetted and represent the best practices in their respective industries.

In closing, I would like to welcome you to the end of the road and congratulate you on your diligence in transforming yourself from low-hanging fruit into high-hanging fruit. Not only did you save yourself a lot of money, but isn't the view great from up here?

Best wishes,

Michael Croix