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Unlock Maximum Credit Card Debt Relief for $1

While You Keep Control Over Your Credit Score

How DebtClear is Different

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You Do It Yourself

DebtClear is the Do-It-Yourself Debt Relief System made especially for credit card debt. We empower credit card holders to save $100s per month starting immediately, reduce their debts by 50-90% overall and keep all of their debt relief savings, which can save $1,000s more in fees.*

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It's a Step-by-Step Guide, With Credit Health In Mind

DebtClear is not a relief agency. It’s a step-by-step debt negotiation course that allows community members to be in charge of their own credit health. We believe this is the leading factor in their success.

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There's a 100% Risk-Free Test Drive

DebtClear comes with a risk-free test drive. Try it and love it for a full two months or get a 100% refund – no questions asked.

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You know you need help with your credit card debt, but...

  • You’re worried about your credit score
  • You don’t know who to trust
  • You’re still unsure if debt relief is the best option

If that sounds like you, you're not alone

Millions of Americans Consider Debt Relief, But Don’t Go Through With It.

Here at DebtClear, we know how tough monthly credit card bills are. It’s not just the stress of seeing your money fly away each month. It’s ARGUING OVER BILLS with your favorite person. It’s the CREDIT SCORE DROPS every time you had a tough month and can’t pony up. It’s OUTSTANDING BALANCES THAT KEEP GROWING even when you do make the payments.

Luckily, We’ve Solved the Three Problems Holding You Back From Relief and Peace of Mind...

Problem #1: You Have Credit Score Concerns

All forms of Debt Relief involve an element of credit score decrease, but the right strategies can minimize credit score hits while maximizing the amount of debt relief savings you see. But this is only possible if you are the one in control, and you are the one making deals on behalf of your own finances.

This is where DebtClear’s modern take on an age-old industry changes the game. With DebtClear, YOU are the one pulling the strings with your own debt relief.

 So if you want to slash your debts by $10,000 but also see your credit score be, in say 18 months, about where it is now or higher… it’s possible because you are in charge!

On the other hand…

Consider what happens when you aren’t in charge and some 3rd-party company is puppeting your money:

A debt relief salesman’s only goal is debt relief. If they negotiate your debts for you in a way that spirals your credit score down to 300, it’s no skin off their back. 

After they take their $1,000s in fees from you, you’re the one left with your pants around your ankles, not them. You’ll have a horrible credit score and – OH YEAH – , no money because they charged you an arm and a leg in fees!



Here at DebtClear… 

Our Do-It-Yourself debt relief system allows you to…

  • Negotiate credit reporting with your creditors during your debt relief process.
  • Keep money in your pocket to rebuild your credit starting a few weeks into the program.
  • Use your legal rights as a borrower to get illegitimate credit marks removed.

Problem #2: The Debt Relief Industry is Slimy and You Don’t Know Who to Trust

If you’ve thought about debt relief in the past but didn’t go through with it, you may have saved yourself a lifetime of frustration.

It’s well-known that this industry is about as trustworthy as a used-car salesman; they’d say anything to sell you a piece of junk. That’s why they like to get you on the phone to sell you; with all the facts on display online, you’d realize you were about to get victimized. 

To show you what we mean, let’s play a game.

Try to spot the deception in this statement:

“National Relief Scams Inc. could settle your debts for 50% of your total balances.”

Did you notice it? It’s okay if not, most people don’t.

It’s in the words “settle your debts”. You see, the ONLY amount that matters is how much savings you get to keep. This company could settle your debts for $20,000 off your balances… and charge you a full $20,000 in fees. Then you’d walk away with absolutely no money saved and a credit score in the gutter.

But you’re safe if you go with a non-profit debt relief company, right?! WRONG!

The Federal Trade Commission released an article called “Coping with Debt.” Nearly half of the article is warning against debt relief companies. Nearly half of the article is warnings against debt relief programs. 

But the big news is this quote about non-profits:

“Be aware that “non-profit” status doesn’t guarantee that [programs] are free, affordable, or even legitimate. In fact, some credit counseling organizations charge high fees, which they may hide, or urge their clients to make “voluntary” contributions that can cause more debt.”

Quoted directly from the Federal Trade Commission

The DebtClear program is simply a tool for you to use to clear your own debts. We will NEVER ask you for a credit check or to hand over control of your money. So rest assured you are in good hands.

Problem #3: Most Debt Relief Options Cost $1,000s

DebtClear doesn’t cost even close to what other debt relief options costs. This is because we’re only an online educational site.

There are no receptionists, no cleaning crew and no overpriced attorneys to pay.

DebtClear Is A Brand You Can Trust

From Humble Beginnings…

To Television Appearances…

To a Community of 24,244 and growing.

15 years ago, DebtClear was a ‘Boots-on-the-Ground’ operation.

Yes, pun intended. After the Marine Corps, our founder, Michael, started a new mission with his DebtClear workshops: Take folks from surviving creditors to thriving in life again.

Word got out at the perfect time. After the 2008 crash, Former Today Show host, Margret Larson, invited Michael to share DebtClear with millions of her viewers on live television. Our team couldn’t be more grateful to Margaret for pushing DebtClear to where it is today.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

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How DebtClear Works

DebtClear takes advantage of your rights as a borrower under the two mammoth-sized borrower protection acts, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices).

As a friend of Michael’s, who used this strategy to clear over $3 million dollars for his family put it…

“There’s nothing a lawyer can do for you on your debt that you can’t do yourself.” 

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

But while that’s true, most people don’t even know where to begin with Do-It-Yourself Credit Card Debt Negotiation! That’s where DebtClear comes in. 

Credit card debt negotiation is unique from other types of debt negotiation. It’s basically the same step-by-step process no matter who you are. So we took the steps that professional debt relief representatives use, and made a roadmap for you to follow. We even did the most important steps almost entirely for you. The most work you do with DebtClear could be filling in your name to a pre-written letter template and mailing it out.

Once you join our community, here’s what you receive to get the job done yourself:

  1. Access to our 12-part Video Series on Negotiating Your Credit Card Debts to a target of 20 cents on the dollar!
  2. Downloadable letter templates that are guaranteed to make creditors think twice about who really has the power.
  3. 200 pages of extra details to give you the edge about the process and the credit industry as a whole.

You’ll also learn the answers to these questions:

  1. How much debt savings can I expect from each account?
  2. How can I zero-out an account(Get 100% of your balance relieved) and get its impact on my credit score reversed?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. What do I do if something doesn’t go according to plan?

What People Are Saying About Us

COVID-19’s Economic Impact: Why Right Now is the Best Time to Use DebtClear

You want to know a piece of great news?

Because of the impact COVID-19 has had on the U.S. economy,  YOU have the unique opportunity to work out deals on your debts with new added leverage.

You see, the credit industry is currently dealing with an overwhelming amount of past-due credit card balances. CNBC recently reported that because of the shut downs, 80% of credit card holders are worried about making their next minimum payment.

So like any for-profit business waiting longer than usual to be paid… Creditors are concerned they won’t be paid at all.

What that means for you: they are more willing to cut deals just to see some of their investments recouped. But once the economy gets completely back to normal, this added leverage will fade away. So right now is the very best time.

But keep in mind that a debt relief company that negotiates a better deal on your debt savings because of COVID-19, may not pass those savings on to you. That’s why DebtClear is the best way to take advantage of this opportunity.

Making Your Decision: Is DebtClear right for you? Ask Yourself...

    • If it would take you years to pay back your credit card debts at the current rate you’re going.
    • If you’re proud of your credit score and don’t want to see it fall 300 points.
    • If you have been burned in the past, and want to have complete control over your finances this time.
    • If your credit card interest rate is over 13%.


Yes, DebtClear is right for you!


    • If you would prefer a company charge you $1,000s to do as little as mail out 1 letter for you.
    • If your credit card debts don’t cause you stress.
    • If you don’t mind taking a huge hit on your credit score in exchange for debt savings.


No, DebtClear is not right for you!