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What are the Credit and Debt Relief Industry Lies?

In this post, we’ll discuss how the Credit Industry and the Debt Relief Industry WORK TOGETHER to:

  1. Deceive and manipulate you into feeling powerless
  2. Hide your legal rights as a borrower from you
  3. Keep the best Debt Relief Deals(D.R.D’s) from ever seeing the light of day
  4. Keep you paying them for the rest of your life.

The Credit Score Deception:

Credit card companies and their partners push the idea that a great credit score is MORE IMPORTANT than actual money.

Now, we want to be clear here: Outright lying is the worst way to deceive someone. It can be illegal and very easy to spot. 

So what do these giant corporations do?

They make commercials showing STORIES of people living by THEIR rules, like a rich couple booking a month-long vacation with their credit card. 

The implication is that this piece of plastic is what will get you your summer in the Caribbean. But if they didn’t have income or savings to pay for the trip within a few months, they could pay $1,000s more for the same trip due to interest. 

But they don’t show the late fees and interest on the commercial, just people living in luxury because of their credit card.

Still, that’s nothing compared to what certain ‘credit advisor’ sites do; Sites that are partnered with creditors, credit score services and debt relief services alike. For them, the better they can convince you your credit score is more important than the actual money you have, the more you’ll use their site to get new credit lines and seek help when you’re too far in debt.

Just take a look at this OUTRAGEOUS article title from

What’s worth more, $1,000,000 or the ability to borrow a lot of money you have to pay back with interest? Seriously, creditsesame?!

That’s like asking if you’d rather have a mansion, or a coupon to be allowed to buy the mansion. (I’ll take the mansion please!)

The truth is that this article alone wouldn’t convince anyone. But a lifetime of creditors and their partners pushing the idea that credit score is the ticket to wealth, and not actual wealth, has left most Americans questioning the basic truth that cash trumps credit every time.

Here at DebtClear, we want to arm you with the truth. 

You need to balance credit health with actual money you have in the bank. And that’s exactly what the DebtClear system can help you control better than any debt relief service on earth. 

Not only is it possible to prioritize both cash and credit health, they actually go together with our CreditClimb program.

Why did the Credit Industry Spread These Lies about your Credit Score Anyway?

The answer is simple: So they can hang a good or bad credit score over your head as a way to control you. 

If you’re like many of our community members, you have as much as $40,000 in credit card debts. To pay it back could cost you $60,000 over the course of a few decades because of interest. Yet, before joining DebtClear, many folks would consider this their only option if another option impacted their credit.

Think about it… people are willing to pay $60,000 for the sake of a number on a page. And it’s not even a guarantee that the number will be good, just that it won’t go down that far.

Talk about tricking people into thinking they are POWERLESS to do anything but pay the greedy credit card companies.

Here at DebtClear, we want to arm you with knowledge, so you can make decisions for yourself. Is a short-term ding to your credit score, which you can rebuild, the right cost to save you $40,000, or whatever your current balances?

This is a question only you can answer, but with DebtClear, a person with $40,000 in credit card debts could get nearly all of it cleared, and walk away 18 months later with a credit score to be proud of.