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How Debt Relief Services Hold You Back From Maximum Savings

To answer this question, you need to first understand what maximum unsecured debt relief is even possible.

According to a recent Federal Trade Commision study…

Source: FTC Website

Credit card debt goes for as low as 4 cents on the dollar to industry professionals.

Yes, you saw that correctly! $0.04!

Imagine someone’s $10,000 credit card debt account going for $400 bucks on the market.

Imagine if that was your account, and you saved $9,600 plus thousands more in inevitable interest.

Did you have any idea that credit card debt could go for so low?

Well it gets even better… 4 cents better to be exact!

Two friends of our founder, Chuck and Joan, both used Do-It-Yourself debt negotiation strategies to clear 100% of their debts!

Chuck cleared $497,960 and paid absolutely nothing to his creditors to do it!

Joan cleared $44,000 in 2003 and bought her dream the very next year in 2004. [Sidenote: Joan’s story goes to show that the right Do-It-Yourself debt negotiation can keep your credit score at a place where you can buy a car soon after the process is complete.

So now that you know HOW FRICKIN CHEAP your debts could go for… the few pennies off many debt relief services offer seems like a big load of B.S., right?

It’s like seeing a bag of Cheetos on sale for $20. If you didn’t know the same Cheetos were on sale for $1 at the next store, you wouldn’t know how much of a rip off it was. Fortunately, you DO know that Cheetos should only cost $1, so you would never think $20 was a good price. Because most people don’t realize how much debt savings is possible, they fall for debt relief services’ promise of a few bucks in savings.

Here at DebtClear, we empower our community members to get the MAXIMUM debt savings possible. Sometimes that can be a full 100% in savings. That’s how powerful our negotiation tactics are.

More often, we tell people to target 20 cents on the dollar, meaning a $10,000 debt account could be settled for $2,000.