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How Does the Credit Industry Keep You Paying Them for the Rest of Your Life?

If you’ve read our other posts, you should be able to answer this question by now. But let’s add one more element to the mix in this section.

To recap the story so far…

First, the credit industry makes you believe credit cards are your ticket to luxury even though it’s THEIR ticket to charge you interest. They do this with commercials showing credit cards and luxury.

Next, the credit industry and their partners, like credit advisor sites, push the B.S. idea that a good credit score will buy you more than actual money. They do this with sites claiming to “advise” you. But every link on the page leads you to their partners’ credit card or credit boosting offers.

So you feel like you MUST play their game. You continue to pay outrageous interest rates and late fees for fear that your credit report won’t be good unless you do.

Finally, when you’re at your breaking point and need debt relief, service companies sell you on the idea you need their expensive relief services. When you use them, your credit score tanks and you only get a few measly bucks off your debts. “That’s just how it works,” they tell you.

Now, when it comes time to decide what to do about your debts, most people feel terrified to do anything but pay back everything they owe. This can mean A LIFETIME of shelling out money to greedy creditors – Month after month.

Here at DebtClear, we know how scary this all can seem. This is why we are so passionate about our message:

When it comes to credit and debt, YOU have the law on your side, not them!

With our system, it can be as simple as mailing out one pre-written letter and having creditors back down. 

When you’ve seen it work hundreds of times, you no longer question who truly has the power. 

Are you ready to feel the POWER?