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How the Debt Relief Service Industry Hides Your Legal Rights From You

The answer is simple: They spend billions on online advertising and search engine optimization.

So you see their webpages first…

Where they can tell you (or NOT tell you) whatever they want.

For example…

Most people have never heard of  the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

They’re two mammoth-sized, borrower protection acts that keep your creditors in check…

And can be used as part of DebtClear

…to get $1,000s in credit card debt relief.

But when you search online for answers, they’re buried too deep to find.

To prove it, we Googled, “debt relief help” and clicked on every single web page link from the first page of results.

We were amazed to see 22 of 23 web pages never mention these protection laws at all.

Everyday folks just have little chance of uncovering even a single tactic that DebtClear uses…

Let alone a way to reverse their debt situation and get on with their life.