60s Answers – How Can I Get Rewards without a Credit Card?

60-Second Answers: How can I get credit card rewards WITHOUT the credit card?

– With DebtClear Editor, Michael Croix

Hey guys, 

A lot of you brought up a good point regarding credit cards:

“What if I love my credit card rewards program, but need to get on a path towards erasing my debts?”

Here’s your 60 second answer:

The rewards credit cards give out are seen as “A Cost of Doing Business” by those companies.

The credit card companies pay out of pocket to fund some pretty cool rewards for their card holders…

And it may not be for the reason you think.

Credit card companies don’t only make money from their card holders’ interest payments.

When businesses use them for payment processing, those businesses pay a fee.

For example, if someone pays a local bakery using a VISA DEBIT CARD, the bakery will have to pay VISA a fee.

The buyer didn’t have to pay anything to Visa, or even borrow any money.

So what just started happening recently?

The big credit card companies are now offering reward DEBIT CARDS… just so they can get more people to use their cards to pay.

What that means for you is YOU can reap the rewards of all the credit card companies competing for payment processing fees.

So feel free to google “Rewards Debit Cards” and see if you can find one that is right for you.

One I really like is “Point” from Mastercard. Click the link below to check it out!

Another rewards debit card I like, which is also from Mastercard, sometimes pays YOU interest on the savings you keep in the account.

It’s called the One card. Check it out in the link below also…

One card

No thanks, I don’t want to get rewarded for using a debit card.

To being DebtClever, and becoming DebtClear,

Michael Croix