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Why Does DebtClear Bring Up the Federal Trade Commission More than Any Other Debt Relief Site?

The answer is simple: DebtClear has the same mission as the FTC – Protect American consumers from being ripped off. We have nothing to hide, and want to highlight how much everyone else IS HIDING.

And it doesn’t stop with the FTC. Oh no.

Here at DebtClear, we are constantly diving into the latest studies from federal organizations and even leading business organizations set on improving the industry.

For example, we’ve brought up the FTC study that uncovered debt buyers were buying debt for as low as 4 cents on the dollar. We did this to highlight how much more debt savings is possible than what many believe.

Now, there are a few more things we’d like to tell you about. All of which come directly from the Federal Trade Commission’s website. 

See them in this post.